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A New Direction? How Serviced Apartments Respond to the Needs of the Modern Business Traveller

Published on September 15, 2021 by

As many COVID19 restrictions ease, the Your Space team are thrilled to welcome more business travellers to our beautiful city of Cambridge. Like many of you, we’ve been wondering how business travel might evolve in response to the unparalleled events of recent months, and, after exploring the emergent, new priorities of modern business travellers, we believe serviced apartments have an exciting role to play in the future of the sector.

If you’re responsible for making travel arrangements for colleagues and clients within your organisation, our list of the three most important concerns for business travellers in a reopening world will help you understand and meet their changing needs.


Studying the needs of the modern business traveller, it soon becomes clear they will place a high value on personal space and privacy. Although excited by the opportunity to make fresh, in-person connections, many will still hope to avoid large crowds and busy, communal areas where possible.

Self-catered accommodation options, such as serviced apartments, offer an alternative to the bustling restaurants and public corridors of large hotels. Our research suggests serviced apartments are likely to become an increasingly popular choice for business travellers as they minimise the need to share spaces with strangers and give guests the added security of having their own front door (or sharing it only with trusted colleagues).


As business travel recommences following the pandemic, it is imperative those leaving home for work are confident about the hygiene and safety of their surroundings, and many accommodation providers, including Your Space, are continuing to follow detailed hygiene procedures.

A key finding from our research is that many modern business travellers prefer accommodation options which offer flexibility regarding how services are provided. Staying in a serviced apartment means guests can tailor many aspects of their experience (including how their apartment is cleaned and the delivery of linens) around their personal needs and concerns. Therefore, serviced apartments empower the modern business traveller to feel secure in their surroundings.


For many, the pandemic represented a time to reflect on the importance of valuing our physical and mental health, and insightful businesses are now taking clear, significant steps to ensure the well-being of their colleagues.

This prioritisation of employees’ well-being, along with a focus on environmental sustainability, means the future of business travel is likely to involve more meaningful long-term stays (5 nights and upwards) in an area, rather than multiple short trips to events which could feasibly take place online. These longer visits will include time set aside for people to rest after long journeys, socialise with colleagues or explore a new city. Serviced apartments offer ample space and separate areas for work and relaxation and are, therefore, the ideal accommodation choice to help support long-term guests in maintaining a healthy work/life balance. A serviced apartment’s home-from-home atmosphere will allow the modern business traveller to truly settle into their living space, unwinding and recharging so they are able to make the most of each day.

We believe the personal privacy, choice and flexibility serviced apartments offer their guests makes them incredibly well-suited to serving and, indeed, exceeding the developing requirements of the modern business traveller.

By providing outstanding serviced apartments in Cambridge, Your Space is proud to have a role in building the bright future of business travel. As the world reopens, we are passionate about helping travellers feel confident and secure working away from home as part of Cambridge’s dynamic business community: a key and thriving sector in our city which continues to foster collaboration, connection and success for organisations from around the globe.

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