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What we are doing to keep guests safe

September 9, 2020 by

We want our guests to feel safe when staying in a Your Space apartment.  To that end we offer the following information.

Our assurance

  • We have been awarded the Visit Britain “We’re Good to Go” badge, given to those businesses who have demonstrated that they have a comprehensive approach to dealing with COVID-19
  • We are a long term member of ASAP, the Association of Serviced Apartments Providers, and hold both their standard Compliance badge and their more demanding Quality Accredited badge.

Our staff

  • Our Housekeeping and Operations teams are direct employees of Your space Apartments, not 3rd party contractors, so we can be sure they work to our procedures.
  • Our staff have all been trained in line with government guidelines in the use of PPE equipment (Personal Protective Equipment) this includes masks, face shields, gloves, aprons, and shoe covers.

Our apartments

  • All except one of our apartment buildings are managed by us. This gives us total control of the guest environment, in particular, the communal areas, which we sanitise daily. The exception is Byron House, where we work closely with the Managing Agents to ensure communal areas are kept safe.
  • Our communal areas are kept totally free of unnecessary items to limit the opportunity for COVID-19 to hang around.

Cleaning and Hygiene

  • We have installed sanitising stations in the entrance to all of our managed apartment buildings.
  • We use industry approved Viruscidal cleaning products that kill COVID-19, unlike the majority of cleaning products that only kill bacteria.
  • We have invested in a fogging gun that will allow us to apply a 30-day treatment using a Shield Surface Sanitiser, as used by the NHS.  This is the most effective equipment for keeping our apartments, vans and office safe and clean of the COVID-19 virus.

Our service

  • We offer guests a choice of a:-
    • ‘no-touch’ cleaning service: where cleaning products and fresh laundry/towels are just dropped at your door, without us entering your apartment, or
    • ‘normal’ cleaning service: where we carry out a full weekly clean, just asking you to vacate the apartment for the duration of the clean.
  • We arrange an individual, socially distanced, Meet and Greet service for each arriving guest so there is no danger of you bumping into other guests while waiting to check in.
  • Our in-house guest support service is entirely by phone or message, no physical contact, and is available 24/7.

Our Policy

  • We have developed a comprehensive COVID-19 Policy and set of operating procedures (see HERE).

If you have any questions about the above, or see anyway that we could improve,  please email us on

Thank you

Suzanne and Paul

(Directors of Your Space Apartments)