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Guest Spotlight: PhD Student Saloni Atal

Published on December 9, 2021 by

Whether visiting for work or leisure, the guests who call our high-quality serviced apartments ‘home’ come to Cambridge from a wide range of sectors. From all around the globe, the city’s renowned status for academic excellence, culture and business attracts people from beyond the UK. This month, we spoke with one of our long-stay guests, Phd student Saloni Atal. We discussed with her why a serviced apartment was the best accommodation choice for her and what makes Cambridge so special.


“A Real, Tangible Impact”

Your Space had the chance to talk with Saloni Atal at an exciting point in her career. Her recently completed PhD centres on the dynamics of successful women’s empowerment initiatives in India, in particular. “What worked well [in these initiatives] and how they could be scaled up” to benefit more people. Having begun her time as a Cambridge student with an MPhil degree six years ago, she is now seeking to transition to a life in London. She hopes to influence charity work so she can make “a real, tangible impact on [the] social issues” that motivate her.


“Space and Comfort” – Guests Feedback

Throughout her years of study, Cambridge has become “home” to Saloni Atal. The pandemic caused her to return to India, she was “a little apprehensive” about coming back to Cambridge in 2021. After spending time in both Eden House and Cambridge Place, she believes choosing to live in a serviced apartment was the best option for while still completing her PhD. It allowed her to enjoy the “space and comfort” and still benefit from the “fantastic […] responsive service” of a dedicated team. Our attentive team was “always ready to answer any questions” throughout her stay.

For Saloni Atal, a serviced apartment proved to be a “more economical [and] much less complicated” option than traditional renting. She also notes features which distinguish serviced apartments from a typical hotel stay. Being “in [her] own, fully-equipped kitchen” and being able to host her parents when they visited for her graduation were two highlights of her “Your Space” experience.


Cambridge Place, Cambridge, Hills Road, Train Station, CB1, Botanical Gardens

“Frozen in Time”

Although her next steps will take her away from Cambridge, Saloni Atal continues to feel a strong connection to the city. While often at the forefront of modern innovations—also feels “frozen in time” due to the rich history of the University and its thirty-one colleges. “I love the academic vibe Cambridge has”, says Saloni Atal. She believes visitors will appreciate this atmosphere of curiosity and intellectual excitement whether they are students of the University or not. “You could be at a café and the people next to you could be talking about Marx or History.” She points out fondly before describing the privilege of “having that access to the super bright” all around you and the powerful sense of potential this creates.


Whether to study, form business connections, work on projects or simply to enjoy themselves, Cambridge has a wealth of fantastic experiences and opportunities to offer visitors. Here at Your Space, we love welcoming new (and returning) guests to our city and providing a beautiful, well-appointed home-from-home as a base for their stay. Our grateful thanks go to Saloni Atal for taking the time to discuss her experience with us. Explore our future blogs to learn more about the wonderful range of guests who choose Your Space Apartments.

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