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Your Space Thinks Green

– Our Sustainability Policy

Our Sustainability Policy

Our Vision

Why is going green so important for Your Space Apartments?

Our Strategy

How do Your Space Apartments plan our journey to go green?

     Our Actions

What are our current achievements and targets?

Our Vision

Our ‘green’ vision is to deliver high quality serviced accommodation to visitors to Cambridge in way the minimises our negative impact on the environment and builds on the positive impact on our community.

Our Strategy

To achieve our vision, we reviewed every aspect of what we do now and identified the key areas we wanted to focus on. They are; Energy, Waste, Sourcing and Community. 

Energy:  We looked at where we bought our energy and how we used/preserved it.
Waste:  We looked at what waste we generated and how we disposed of it.
Sourcing:  We looked at our suppliers; their operations and proximity to us.
Community:  We looked at how we support local businesses and our neighbours. 

Within each area we identified specific, measurable, actions that would deliver our ‘green’ ambitions.

Our Actions


  • Switch to 100% renewable energy from accredited suppliers
  • Utilise solar thermal panels where installed on apartment buildings.
  • Change to LED bulbs in all apartments and common areas. 
  • Turn off appliances when apartments are unoccupied.
  • Upgrade apartments to B grade Energy Performance Certificates, where possible.
  • Provided bike storage and information on hiring bikes to guests.
  • Encourage guests to reuse towels.
  • Set all boilers to 55 degrees and room thermostats to 19 degrees.


  • Review all suppliers and change to ones with better sustainable practices.
  • Ensure all wooden furniture is FSC Accredited.
  • Source from local suppliers where possible. 


  • Minimise packaging in the Welcome packs. 
  • Provide washing powder instead of liquids for washing machines.
  • Install aerator shower heads to reduce water usage.
  • Provide bathroom products in large, refillable, bottles. 
  • Provide recycling bags for guests, with clear instructions as to what to recycle.
  • Provide free water bottles to discourage single-use plastic purchases.
  • Put “No Junk Mail” signs on post boxes.


  • Provides guests with details on local shops and suppliers.
  • Provide guest information sheets on energy use and waste management. 
  • Support a local homeless charity.