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Meet Ricardo Andrade – Our New Reservations Coordinator

Published on August 3, 2022 by

Following a series of summer graduation ceremonies—where scholars, dressed in gowns and hoods, walked in grand processions along King’s Parade— Cambridge University’s Class of 2022 are now embarking on the next exciting stages of their journeys.

Amid this atmosphere of celebration and fresh beginnings, Your Space are pleased to introduce Ricardo Andrade who we have recently welcomed into the team as our new Reservations Coordinator. We spoke with Ricardo about his guest-centred role, what makes serviced apartments stand out and how he’d spend his ideal summer day in Cambridge.


Understanding Our Guests

Originally from Portugal, Ricardo has now been living in the United Kingdom for three years and has nearly a decade of experience in Customer Service including working for famous names in the hospitality industry. Outside the office, he is a fan of watching motor racing, and is hoping to see some more sunny weather over the next few weeks so he can enjoy spending time in nature with family and friends.

Ricardo’s sociable nature means he thrives in his new people-focussed position as Your Space’s Reservations Coordinator, using knowledge of the local area to help potential guests find the best Cambridge accommodation for their visit. “When we receive an enquiry,” he explains, “I pay attention to the guest’s needs such as preferred location [and…] it’s useful to understand the reason for their stay.” Whether chatting with a business traveller, who is giving a key presentation in Cambridge, discussing local schools with a family relocating to the area or comparing notes with a history enthusiast visiting for a holiday, Ricardo gets to know everyone who books with Your Space in order to find an apartment that truly suits and serves their stay.

Once visitors have arrived in the city, Ricardo takes pride in being able to provide the personalised service a smaller company like Your Space can deliver.  He shares that one of the best things about his job is having the opportunity to add special touches to a guest’s stay, like decorating their accommodation, to help them celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and even the occasional marriage proposal!

“A ‘Like Home’ Feel”

Ricardo works hard to ensure an eclectic range of guests feel comfortable and relaxed during Your Space’s  booking process and throughout their stay in Cambridge, and it is this feeling of comfort which he believes sets serviced apartments apart from other accommodation options like hotels. Based on his extensive experience in hospitality, Ricardo says that, “hotels are, of course, very useful sometimes, but [they] lack the personalised service and the ‘like home’ feel,” of a serviced apartment. He points out that hotel rooms are often only used for sleep, whereas, guests staying with Your Space can take advantage of having their own laundry facilities and a fully equipped kitchen in order to truly live “like they are at home: relaxing, cooking, playing with their kids and doing many other things that connect them to the apartment.”

Another beneficial feature that serviced apartments (including several Your Space properties) may offer Cambridge visitors is complimentary secure parking.  Ricardo suggests that those with vehicles always ask about parking options when researching accommodation in the city since suitable free parking can be difficult to find, especially during busy months like August.


Making Memories

A love for the beauty and vibrancy of Cambridge allows Ricardo to offer advice that helps Your Space guests make the most of their time here, and he recommends a park picnic as the best way to celebrate an English summer’s day in the area. Visitors can choose a sandwich from an independent cafe such as Bread and Meat, then head to one of Cambridge’s expansive green spaces to eat and relax. The famous Midsummer Common is well worth a visit while those able to travel a little further afield should enjoy the majesty of Wandlebury Country Park which offers miles of woodland and wildflower meadows to explore.


We are delighted to have welcomed Ricardo to our dedicated team here at Your Space. Why not begin your journey to Cambridge by making an enquiry on our website, telling us what you are looking for and seeing if we can provide the ideal apartment for your upcoming stay?


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