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Top Tips for the First Time Business Traveller

Published on March 21, 2023 by Paul

At Your Space, we love welcoming business travellers from a diverse range of sectors to Cambridge. We are passionate about the advantages that travelling for work has to offer. However, first-time business travel can sometimes be a daunting experience. If you’re a new corporate traveller wondering how to make the most of upcoming ventures, read on for our advice. With the right planning and a successful work/life balance, that business trip can be a walk in the park!


Organise Accommodation Early

For planning to travel for work or arrange a trip for colleagues, it’s worth researching and choosing accommodation in advance. Arbitrip, a booking site for corporate travel, places accommodation as foundational to the business traveller’s hierarchy of needs. This means all the elements of a successful venture are built upon having the right place to stay. When seeking out accommodation, pay attention to smaller details. Such as whether parking is provided since unexpectedly having to arrange this during a trip could disrupt a well-organised itinerary. Finally before travel, take time to confirm all accommodation is booked and paid for (not just reserved). Then you can set off on your adventure knowing there’ll be a comfortable place to rest.


Pack for Success

The clothes in your suitcase will depend on the nature and length of your trip. However, first-time corporate travellers should always try to have a mix of business and casual attire ready to wear. Not only will having laid back clothes help for leisure time, but a colleague might invite you to a more relaxed event where you’ll want to feel at ease. A business traveller’s bag(s) should also contain key tech essentials to ensure they’re never out of the loop. If travelling abroad, an international power adapter is ideal. As well as packing a portable charger so you are ready to work wherever you are.


Relish Your Routines

Business trips can be intense events and if you’re travelling for work or staying in a new area for the first time, it’s essential to prioritise your well-being. One effective way to do so is by maintaining any enriching routines you enjoy at home. Continuing with nightly skincare regime, morning runs or movie-nights could be key to helping you relax.


Get Out and About

Wherever you travel for work, it’s important to make time to explore the place you’re visiting. This can make the  venture an enhancing experience for you personally, as well as professionally. First-time business travellers should not be afraid to balance excelling in their work with making memories in their surroundings. Many conscientious companies are now purposefully incorporating more leisure time into their corporate travel plans.


Another burgeoning trend in recent years is ‘Bleisure’ travel. Bleisure visits combine business and leisure, including taking some holiday time at the end (or beginning) of a business trip. You’ll be able to further enjoy the local area with colleagues, friends and family to spend quality time in an exciting new place.

In summary, whether you’re a first-time business traveller or a seasoned pro, the key to a successful work trip remains the same: consider what will enable you to both perform at your best and enjoy your experience. Then you’ll ensure to have everything you need in place so you can be ready to focus on what matters.


Why First-Time Business Travellers Choose Your Space Apartments:

At Your Space, we’ve given careful thought to the needs of the modern business traveller and our guiding principle. We want our corporate guests to be unconcerned beyond settling in, enjoying their new environment and thriving in their work. To this end, all our Cambridge apartments provide:

  • Complimentary parking (on request)
  • High-speed, reliable internet connection
  • Laundry facilities (including washing powders, iron, and ironing board)
  • Kitchen facilities that offer the choice of dining out, ordering in or cooking a dish from home
  • Useful essentials including travel adaptors, hairdryers, salt/pepper/herbs/spices and rice cookers      
  • Space for partners and family to join
  • The support of a dedicated team with exceptional local knowledge: nearby gyms, the best takeaways, hidden-gem brunch spots etc.

Furthermore our apartments are found in desirable and central locations with Cambridge right on your doorstep. Like business travel, our city is a wellspring of exciting opportunities and we’d love to help you make the most of your visit. If you have any questions or would like more information about staying with Your Space, please do get in touch.

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