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Review Your Space Thinks Green

Your Space Thinks Green

Published on January 28, 2020 by Robert

Hailed as ‘the smart alternative to hotels in Cambridge’, Your Space Apartments offers luxury serviced, self-catering apartments in eight locations across the city centre. Here is how Your Space have been making substantial changes to be green.


Green Changes

Seeking to also offer a green alternative for customers. Your Space is removing all plastic packaging from their welcome pack – jam, butter, pasta. They are also providing a healthier option/more sustainable option instead, such as brown bread, muesli/granola, recyclable coffee pods, and tea bags that will replant a tree (reforest tea).

The apartments have changed all of their fuel supplies to renewable energy and have installed LED bulbs throughout the building – as well as in the Your Space HQ. The company has removed one-use plastic bottles in the bathrooms and put in larger, refillable bottles. They have also removed packaging of dishwasher/washing tablets and replaced them with powder. For their ‘greener’ changes, they already provide separate bags for recycling rubbish.

Outside the apartments, the firm has changed its vans to electric and has ensured that it purchases from ethical suppliers. It will be asking guests to help commit to helping them, by turning off lights, using reusable water bottles/coffee cups – which they will supply. As well as using sustainable methods of transport while staying at the apartments (the firm can even hire them a bicycle) and recycling their waste to also make ‘greener’ changes.


Caring for the Environment

Gayle Martin, director at Your Space Apartments, said: “We are very committed to ensuring we are as ethical, sustainable and environmentally-friendly as we can be. We felt as a team it was ever becoming a topic of conversation in the office, so in January of this year we sat down and decided what we could do further to make the right changes. This was prompted by the fact that we needed a new van and felt an electric one would be more sustainable, especially for our short trips around the city centre. We no doubt could be going further still, but we wanted to ensure we were taking it another step forward from what we were doing already (subconsciously).”

Gayle added: “We are also talking to our corporate guests and are becoming much more aware of their corporate responsibility on sustainable travel. We want to reflect what they are trying to achieve and also be part of their environmental changes. What’s the next step? Ideally we want to be moving into getting all of our apartments smart with controlled lighting and heating as well as getting our fleet of vehicles electric.”

Cambridge Independent 19th February 2020: YOURSPACEGREEN EDIT Feb 2020

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