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Aparthotels or Serviced Apartments? Our Guide to the Differences

Published on July 2, 2021 by

As Cambridge welcomes back more visitors, we want travellers to find the perfect accommodation for their time in our city. Two popular alternatives to traditional hotel stays are Aparthotels and Serviced Apartments. Both give guests more freedom and flexibility than a hotel room while providing hotel-style services such as linens and cleaning. There are important distinctions between these two options, the right choice will depend on you or your company’s unique priorities.


Space Compared to Aparthotels

Both Aparthotels and Serviced Apartments offer visitors more room than typical hotel accommodation. An Aparthotel is usually around 28 square metres and often contains a lounge area which might help guests avoid the feeling of being restricted to their bedrooms that can be set in during hotel stays. However, for a longer visit (more than 5 nights), having more space is vital, a Serviced Apartment may be the best choice. For a comparable price to Aparthotels, Serviced Apartments offer guests on average around 55 square metres and can be as large as 85. Even members of bigger groups will find privacy in which to focus or relax. If you want to read more about the space Your Space provides, each of our apartment pages shows an average size of the space available.


Visitors staying in an Aparthotel building can often find a range of amenities under the same roof as their room. This makes Aparthotels the option for guests with busy schedules who want access to restaurants, bars, pools and gyms. They can socialise in the evenings or fit in a workout before their day begins. Travellers who choose to stay in Serviced Apartments will need to venture into the local area to find amenities. However, most Serviced Apartments are in city centres so varieties of restaurants, gyms and more venues aren’t far away. Furthermore, rather than feeling inconvenienced by a lack of amenities in their building. Long-stay visitors (especially those relocating for work) often enjoy seeking eatery or fitness centres that suit them best. If you want to read more about the amenities Your Space provides, click here.


Kitchen Facilities

An impressive feature of Serviced Apartments are their fully equipped kitchens which include ovens and a full set of hobs. Guests can entertain in their kitchens or choose to order food from local businesses or prepare their own meals. The kitchen facilities in Aparthotels, meanwhile, are simpler and designed for the quick preparation of basic bites to eat. It’s worth noting that Serviced Apartments will include other appliances visitors may wish to use such as washers/dryers whereas. In an Aparthotel, these are more likely to be communal and the use of them often comes at an additional cost. If you want to read more about the facilities Your Space provides, click here.

Prices Compared to Aparthotels

Pricing is important when finding accommodation, those planning longer stays may wish to explore Serviced Apartments first. Serviced Apartments have great-value deals available upfront—discounts up to 20%— for stays beyond a certain number of nights. Choosing a Serviced Apartment can also create savings for groups of guests who require more than one bedroom as a single Serviced Apartment. It will typically cost less than booking numerous hotel or Aparthotel rooms. Aparthotels may also provide special discounts for longer visits. Usually these need to be sought out upon booking, since Aparthotels are less likely to cater to long-stay guests. If you want to read more about the prices Your Space provides, click here.


Taking time to consider the right place to stay is at the heart of planning a successful trip. Whatever your ideal accommodation choice, Cambridge has a first-class option waiting for you. For further benefits our serviced apartments can provide for you, click here to find out more.

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